Task Alert Settings

To configure the application so that task alerts and email are sent to the Realm administrator when system generates a task that requires administrator notification, you need to configure the task alert settings.

To enable the task alert settings, check Click this to enable email alert checkbox. Configure the settings as appropriate.

Title Description
1 Reply to Enter the email address from where the emails will be sent as well as where the replies will be sent.
2 Server address Enter the SMTP server address. Please consult with your network administrator to configure this address. For free accounts such as Gmail, yahoo, Hotmail etc., use the appropriate SMTP server address. For example, for Gmail, the SMTP address is smtp.gmail.com.
3 Port Enter the appropriate port number.
4 User Name (optional) Enter the user name.
5 Password (optional) Enter the password.
6 SSL/TLS Connection Check this checkbox as appropriate for secure connection. For example, for domain email server, leave this unchecked. But for free SMTP servers such as Gmail, check this checkbox. Please consult with your network administrator to set this field.
7 Send Test Email Enter a valid email address and click Send Test Email. Verify that you have received the test email.

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