Connecting to the server

In order for you to start publishing content to your players and have them displayed on remote screens, you need to connect to the server.

Your system administrator (Realm administrator or domain administrator) needs to provide you with a user name and password to login to your designated domain on the server.

On the login screen, enter the server name as well as your user name and password and click Connect.
For example: Use the following credentials:
Username: beta\joe
Password: MyPassword123

The Domainadmin user is the super user that has all the privileges over a domain.

After connecting to a domain, select the project you want to work on. When a domain is created, by default a project is also created called Default Project.

Select a project in the User Interface (UI) and click OK.

If you are a domain admin, then you need to create users and assign roles to these users so that they can work on different projects and publish contents to remote players. In addition, as a domainadmin, you need to create channels so that regular users can publish campaigns/tickers/commands to these channels from a project.

On the other hand, if you are a project level user, then the domain admin should have already configured your roles and security privileges before you can login to the server. You can only access entities to which you are entitled to, as defined by your role permissions.

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