Neptune Installation Guide

Neptune is CampaignManagers' reporting engine to provide customers with 'Proof-of-Play'. Neptune report utilises a web service to collect Campaign logs from players in order to present the information in different report formats.


In order to install Neptune, you need the following pre-requisites.

  • Internet Information Services 6.0 or above
  • SQL Server 2008 or above (the express version will do)

When installing SQL Server, it is recommended to also install SQL Server Management Studio so that you can have better overview of the database.

Neptune installer installs the following dependency:

  • Microsoft Sync Framework 2.1 redistributable

Note: You must be an SQL Server administrator before you can install Neptune. This is because when running Neptune installer, db needs to be created or modified and other provisioning work needs to be undertaken which requires full administrative privilege on the SQL server.

If you are upgrading your local Neptune to the latest version, you need to be db owner of RyarcReport before the database can be modified and provisioned.

Step by step installation

Download the appropriate installer (32 bit or 64 bit) to your server.

After the installer is downloaded, double click to start the installation.

The welcome to Ryarc Neptune setup is the first window of the installation. Click Next.

Accept the license agreement by clicking the checkbox. Click Next.

Enter appropriate username and company name in Product Registration page and click Next.

Click Next on Select Features page. Select the destination path where you want to install CM Service. If no other path is selected, then accept the default path and click Next.

Use the default name for shortcut on start menu and click Next.

On Microsoft SQL Server Instances page, either select the sql server instance name or enter the appropriate instance name. Please verify the instance name by connecting to your sql server using SQL Server Management Studio. By default, when installing Sql Sever 2008 express, the instance name will be pcname\sqlexpress. Select appropriate authentication mode (default is windows authentication) and click Next.

If Neptune is installed properly, a taskdialog will inform that installation was successful. Click OK to close the taskdialog.

In order to confirm that Neptune is installed properly, open Neptune from Start menu>Ryarc CampaignManager 6>Ryarc Neptune>Ryarc Neptune. This should open the following localhost url http://localhost/neptune in your browser and you should see the Neptune login window, as below. At this point, there is no data in Neptune database although you can login to your corresponding domain after Neptune and CM Service are configured properly.

If the Neptune is installed on the same server as CM Service then no further configuration is required. Neptune will be auto-configured to use the local CM Service. Realm control panel will also be auto-configured with the local Neptune address. If Neptune is different than CM Service machine, then Neptune needs to be configured with the remote CM Service address.

To configure Neptune with a remote service, open the Neptune administration page from Start menu>Ryarc CampaignManager 6>Ryarc Neptune>Admin. This opens up the administrative page for Neptune. Enter the name or IP address of the remote CM Service, and click Save.

The remote CM Service also needs to be configured with the Neptune address. To configure the CM Service with Neptune address, login to Realm. Open Realm control panel>Server Host Addresses and enter the name or IP address of Neptune. Click Save.

If your domain is configured to record play logs, then all players should start reporting their play logs to the Neptune server. For more details on play log configuration for Neptune, please refer to Neptune help.

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