Improvements Over CampaignManager 2.x

The fundamental architecture of CampaignManager 3.0 vastly differs from that of CampaignManager 2.x. In a ground breaking effort, Ryarc has endeavored to make the system much more user friendly than 2.x. The main improvements of CampaignManager 3.0 over 2.x can therefore be summarized as below:

  1. DB based system as opposed to file based system
  2. User concurrency
  3. Can be offered as a service
  4. Cloud based server or dedicated server
  5. Centralized system
  6. Highly improved security
  7. Service provider friendly system
  8. Using latest technology and WCF service
  9. Using synchronization
  10. Automated updates throughout the system
  11. Incorporated Intel AIM
  12. Conditional Play
  13. Introduction of playlist and media library concept
  14. Realm and domain based hierarchy
  15. More transparency throughout the system and centralized control
  16. Ability to monitor every step of the process
  17. Improved calendar based schedule
  18. Ability to add asymmetric schedule
  19. Tasks
  20. Control panel
  21. Support of wide range of media
  22. Ability to turn feature on/off
  23. Ability to restrict malicious computers
  24. Ability to manage licenses and block entities
  25. Watermark transparency resolved
  26. User based licensing mechanism
  27. Auto configure service installer
  28. Remote channel configuration handling from CM
  29. Ability to send AMT commands to multiple machines
  30. Auto configure AMT winrm security settings
  31. Server can handle up to 4000 Players with 20 minutes call interval
  32. Work Item system to notify admin regarding attention required tasks
  33. Ability to trigger from anywhere to players

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