Under the users view we can manage the users we have created for the domain.

Create new user

To create a user, select Insert User from Administration tab in ribbon. This creates a new user workspace.

Alternatively, right click inside all users list view workspace to open context menu and select New. This creates a new user workspace.

You can also create a new user workspace by pressing Ctrl-N. By default, the new user workspace is labelled as New User*. “*” denotes that the workspace is in edit mode.

Enter a name, a valid password (must meet minimum requirements), a valid email address and select an appropriate priority from the priority combo box.

Name Enter a suitable name for the user
Password Enter a valid password. Password must meet the minimum requirements. It needs to have at least 8 characters, a capital letter, a number and a special symbol (.?!* and so on.
Confirm password Re-enter the password
Email Enter a valid email address
Created This shows when the user entity is created. This is read only.
Modified This shows when the user entity was modified. Created and Modified fields are the same when user is created for the first time.
Priority Select the priority assigned to a user. User will be able to modify the priority level of Campaigns/Tickers/Commands which have the same or lower priority ranking.

Select Roles in the navigation panel. This opens the roles page on user workspace. Using the buttons provided, move appropriate roles from Available Roles list view to Selected Roles list view. You can assign multiple roles to the same user. When multiple roles having different permission templates and associated with the same project are assigned to the same user, then highest role prevails. Use the search control provided above each list view to return a filtered result, based on entity name.

Now click Save from ribbon to save the user. A yellow bar appears warning the user that synchronization needs to be initiated. This means that the newly created user exists only locally. Until synchronization happens and the service data gets updated, newly created user will not be able to login to the domain. Click Force Synchronization under Home tab in ribbon. The yellow bar will be removed after synchronization completes. You can now login to the domain with the new user credentials..

Modify existing user

To modify any existing user, open the user workspace from all users list view.

The following actions can be performed on the workspace:

  • Rename – Change the name of the user
  • Email address – Change the email address
  • Roles - Change the role assignment
  • Priority – Change the user priority
  • Password - To change the user password, click reset password. This opens the Change Password dialog window. Enter a valid password and click OK. Task dialog appears informing user whether or not the password change was successful.

Click Force Synchronization under Home tab in ribbon to sync the latest changes. Logged in user will be forced to log off to enforce these changes.

Only Domain Admin or users with domain admin privileges can change other users password. However users with domain admin privileges cannot change Domain Admin password.

We can't change the Domainadmin users username or its roles. The only thing we can do to this user is reset its password.
This user is a factory created user that has all the permissions over the domain.

Block/unblock user

If we want to deny access to some user to our domain we can use the block feature.

In order to block a user we simply select and choose block user from the ribbon under Administration tab.

We can also delete user in order that user wouldn't be able to access our domain, but using the block feature would be
useful if we need to enable access to this user later.

Set as domainadmin

To assign domain admin permissions to a user, select the user in all user list view. Right click to open context menu and select Set As DomainAdmin. This assigns the user with domain admin privileges. When the user logs back in, user will have full access to the entire domain.

User will now be able to make changes to all entities including all users, roles and roles permission. However this user will not be able to make any permission changes to the Domain Admin since it is a system generated built-in user.

Open the user that has been assigned domain admin privileges. In the Roles page of the user workspace, the Selected Roles list view now includes a role called Domain Administrator.

To remove domain admin privileges from a user, select the user in all users list view, right click to open the context menu and select Remove As DomainAdmin.

Only domainadmins can set users as domainadmins

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