The roles are an entity that are associated with users. The role describes in more detail what are the users

permission over an project.

Create new role

To create a new role, select Insert Role from Administration tab in ribbon. You must have appropriate permission to create role.

Alternatively, you can select Roles from Project Explorer, right click inside all roles list view and select New.

You can also click inside all roles list view and press Ctrl + N to create a new role workspace. By default the workspace is labelled as New Role and opens on General Properties page. Enter a suitable name for the role. The Created on and Modified on fields represent when the role was created and last modified. These read only fields initially have the same value when the role is created.

Role projects

When a new project is created, five default roles are created and automatically associated with this project. The project name is used to label the roles who have pre-defined permission levels.

For example, if a new project called abc is created then the five default roles created will be labelled as:

  • abc_Admin
  • abc_Guest
  • abc_User
  • abc_PowerUser
  • abc_MediaManager

Other than that we can assign different projects to the role.

While we modify the role in order to reassign different project we choose the Role Project link.

Role permissions

The role permission section is where we can directly specify the roles permissions over the entities in the project.

The permissions we can allow or disallow are:

  • Create
  • Read
  • Write
  • Delete
  • Publish
  • Approve
  • Import
  • Change Permission

This permissions can be specified for the following entities:

  • Campaign
  • Campaign Directory
  • Schedule
  • Ticker
  • Command
  • Player
  • Channel
  • Category

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