Configure Existing Domain

To configure an existing domain, click on Realm Administration from Project Explorer. This opens up all domains list view.

Select the domain you want to configure and click Configure Domain from ribbon.

Alternatively, select the domain, right click to open the context menu and select Configure Domain menu command.

This opens up the Domain Limits and Settings page in the domain wizard. Set the values as appropriate and click Next.

Select the appropriate features for the domain. Click Finish.

You will see the following dialog while the domain is being updated. This dialog will close after the domain is updated.

Configure domain limits and settings

  • CM Player connections - this setting define how many players will the domain have.
  • Maximum channels - this setting explains how many configuration channels can be created within the domain.
  • Maximum users - setting that explains how many users can be created for this domain.
  • Maximum projects - setting for defining the maximum number of projects that can be created within the domain.
  • Maximum media storage - this setting define the storage on the server side for the media.
  • Maximum bandwith - how much trafic could be generated from the domain.
  • Maximum speed - what is the maximum speed for throughput for the domain.
  • Throttled speed - Test.
  • Play log volume limit - How many rows of data could be logged in the play log.

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