User and Roles

In order to access a Realm, Domain or Project you must have a username and password. We have created four sample users for your convenience. Feel free to create more users if you wish, but please don't delete users you did not create. There will be many beta users using the same Domain.

Joe is a Domain Admin. He can basically do anything in the domain, including create new users, projects and roles

Amy is “Normal User”. She can create new campaigns, publish and delete but cannot create new users or projects.

Padraig is a Domain Guest. He can log in and see most things, but may not create, edit or delete anything.

Etain is a “Media Manager”. She can add and remove content to Media Libraries but cannot do much else.

You can experiment with the effects of permissions by logging in as any of these users. The password for all of the users is “MyPassword123”.

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