Schedules, as an entity with CampaignManager, have several similarities with Playlists. There are two types of Schedules, a Campaign/Ticker/Command Schedule, which is simply the Schedule attached to a Campaign/Ticker/Command and a Project-level or Shared Schedule.

For detailed help on schedules, please refer to technical help.

There are two types of regular Schedules, Simple and Recurring. A simple schedule consists of a start date and time and a finish date and time. Such a schedule will render an associated Campaign as being eligible for continuous play out within that period.

A recurring schedule, on the other hand, is pattern based. This means it can allow a Campaign to play on a certain time of the day or certain day of the week etc. in a recurrent manner. The recurrent Schedule can be further enhanced by introducing additional play blocks or alternatively excluding existing play blocks in an asymmetric manner.

Sharing Schedules

Public schedules can be shared among different Campaigns, Tickers and Commands within the same project. To add a public schedule to a Campaign/Ticker/Command, open the Campaign/Ticker/Command and in When section, select Import from the ribbon. Select the appropriate public schedule from the list and click OK. This will add the public schedule to the Campaign/Ticker/Command.

You can also modify the schedule inside the Campaign/Ticker/Command and export it as a new public Schedule. To export an edited schedule from within a Campaign/Ticker/Command, open the Campaign/Ticker/Command and in When section, select Export from ribbon. Enter a valid name for the public schedule and click OK. This will create a public schedule in the schedule listview which can then be shared among other entities within the same project.

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