What are Projects for?

A project is simply a container which holds all of the assets required to manage a network in a single workspace. A Domain may contain multiple projects. Projects are usually used as a container for a particular network or sub-network. If you need to manage multiple, separate networks, it is often a good idea to separate these networks by managing each one within a separate project. For example, a single university may operate as a single domain, with each faculty given its own project to maintain a degree of separation from other faculties, but which also allows the assets to be shared, or viewed together in the domain if required.

What is contained in a Project?

A project contains several groups of entities which help manage a network. These include Campaigns, Tickers, Commands, Channels, Players, Media Libraries, Schedules, History and Triggers.

For normal users, everything required for day to day operation of the network can be found in the project. Some of the entities visible within the project are actually Domain level objects that have been shared to that project. Examples of these entities are shown in the following diagram:

Although it may appear confusing at first, this structure is very helpful in that it provides for Players, Channels, Libraries and History to be shared across multiple projects.

Sharing resources across Projects

There are a number of entities which exist in the Domain. Some of these entities are sharable across Projects. For example, consider two university faculties sharing the same building lobby. The Engineering Faculty will have Channels for its two meeting rooms, Brunel and Da Vinci. It will also include a shared Channel, “Lobby”. The faculty of Theoretical Physics also has two channels unique to its project as well as the same “Lobby” channel.

In addition to Channels, Libraries and other items are also sharable. For example, the same imaginary campus might opt for a common media library which contains approved renderings of the university’s logo or promotional videos.

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