Playlists are a collection of media items in a given sequence or play-out order. There are two main types of Playlists. Zone Playlists and Shared Playlists. The difference between the two is small but important. Zone Playlists exist only within a Campaign, whereas Shared Playlists can be shared across multiple Campaigns.

For detailed technical help on the Playlists, please refer to the technical help.

When to use Playlists

You should consider using Playlists if you require the following:

  • You need to share the same content across multiple Campaigns
  • You need something more complex than a simple linear loop
  • You need to manage very long lists of media
  • You need to lock down the content of a Campaign, but still allow users to change the schedule or distribution information
  • You need to lock down the Campaign, but still wish to allow users to change what appears in the Campaign playlist

Using this feature is optional. It may or may not suit your individual requirements. Feel free to ignore this Playlist feature and use the Zone Playlists inside each Campaign.

Using Playlists to simplify user input

Playlists offer a useful mechanism to simplify user input for certain users. For example, consider a scenario where you would like to grant a user permission to change what appears on screen. By allowing this user access only to a certain Playlist, and then including that Playlist in a Campaign the process of updating is greatly simplified. No Campaigns, no Zones, just a simple list with a publish button.

You can now create playlists separate to Campaigns. Playlists can also contain playlists.

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