Players represent the physical computers that act as display or audio players in your network. For each device connected, a player appears in your Domain or Project. Channels and Players differ in that a Channel is an abstract entity, whereas a Player represents a real physical device. Also, a Channel may be configured on multiple Players, whereas a Player always represents a physical machine.

Unlike other entities, Players cannot be created. They will appear in CampaignManager when a device is connected by configuring any PC with a Channel Configuration File.

Working with Players

The Players feature is designed to enable the remote devices to be managed and monitored effectively. The feature provides the following functionality to achieve this

  • Online / Offline status
  • Resource Health
  • Speed of Connection
  • Current Behaviour
  • Access to Player based actions (connect, reboot, delete etc.)

Viewing Players

To see the Players in your Domain or Project, select the Players icon from the project explorer. To see information for a particular player, select the player with the mouse, or use the keyboard to navigate to the player you wish to view.

The icon for the player will change depending on its status. The small green square in the lower left of the icon indicates that the player is online and functioning normally. The details view shown above also indicates the Channel or Channels the player is configured to play, the IP address, Geo Location and time zone.

When you select a Player in this list, the details pane located above the list is populated with more detailed information on the player.

To access even more functionality, open the Details window by clicking Ctrl+E. The Details panel provides additional contextual functionality which allows the user to examine in detail what’s playing on that channel now, how progressed distributing Campaigns are, connecting to the player with remote desktop. Additional functionality is presented to Players on which Intel AMT has been enabled. For more information on these features, refer to the technical help section.

Image Explanation

At the top section, the name of the player is displayed. The status follows below. Notice that the system is warning the user in this case, that a Campaign which includes Conditional Play functionality related to Intel’s AIM suite and ensure that Intel AIM is both installed and enabled. Beneath this section is the Tasks group. This provides one-click access to the machine for actions like connect and reboot. In the Player Activity section all of the Campaigns that are currently downloaded to this player are listed, including the percentage downloaded. The exclamation marks indicate that the latest editions of these campaigns have not been published yet. By selecting a given Campaign, it is possible to access the live playlist and to preview each item playing in that Campaign.

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