You can use permissions to deny or provide access to anything in the system. For example, certain users may only be able to see certain Channels or may be able to edit just a particular zone inside a Campaign. This is very useful for users with a wide contributor base. Please experiment with the effects of permissions by denying a certain user access to a Campaign, a Channel or even a zone within a Campaign.


Roles are entities that define the set of permissions a user has inside a project. When a new domain is created, a default project is also created. Five roles are created automatically that are associated with the default project. These roles i.e. project admin, project user, project power user, project media manager and project guest have different sets of permissions for that project. You can create your own custom role and assign different levels of permissions to different entities such as Campaign, Ticker, Command, Playlist etc.

When a user is assigned that role, user inherits all permissions from that role. User will have access to entities as defined by these permission levels. To view the permissions, select Roles from Project Explorer and open any existing role. Open role permissions. Here you will see a set of checkboxes for each entity of CampaignManager. Check the checkboxes that apply to your role permissions and save the role. For example, uncheck read permission for Campaign and save. If this role is now assigned to any user and that user logs in to the project, the user will not be able to see any existing Campaigns as he has been denied read permission.

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