Channels are used in CampaignManager to signify a target for a Campaign. The Channel forms the ‘What’ element in the ‘What, When, Where’ idea of Campaigns. A useful way to think about a Channel is that it represents a frequency on which you can broadcast. Any number of devices may tune to that frequency and receive that broadcast.

The diagram above illustrates the ways in which the Channel entity interacts with other CampaignManager entities.

  • A channel is published to by adding it to the target sites column in a Campaign
  • A channel is subscribed to by configuring a remote player to that Channel
  • There is often, but not always a 1:1 relationship between a channel and a player

Working with Channels

Creating a Channel

  1. Open channels from Project Explorer
  2. Press Ctrl-N or right click on workspace and select New or select Channel from Home Tab in Ribbon
  3. Give your channel a name. This could be a location code or a descriptive name
  4. Press Ctrl-S or click Save from Ribbon to save the new channel

Creating a Channel Configuration file

A CCF is used to subscribe a remote player to a given Channel. This process uses a file generated by CampaignManager, which must be loaded by the CM Player Configuration application. This file contains the information required by the remote player to securely access your domain and identify itself as the desired channel.

  1. Select the Channel you wish to use to configure the remote player
  2. Click Create Configuration file from Ribbon, or right click the channel and select this option from the context menu
  3. This creates an XML channel configuration file. A window opens up showing the full path to the configuration file.
  4. This file can now be copied to the remote player, for processing by the CM Player Configuration application

When to create Channels in the Domain

Channels can be created in the Domain as well as in the project. Note that channels created in the Domain will not appear under a given project until such time as that Channel has been imported. You can import the channel to a project when you create the channel and save it. Simply select the project where you want to import the channel and click OK. Alternatively, you can import Domain channels into project using the Ribbon Bar when the Channels view is active.

Creating Channels in the Domain, as opposed to under a specific project should only be done when the intention is to share a Channel across more than one Project.

Channel Status

Channel Status provides real time feedback on the activity and health of a given Channel. CampaignManager aggregates data on the progress of Campaign distribution, subscribed player health and subscribed player online/offline status.

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