CampaignManager 6


CampaignManager 6 is an entirely new platform that allows you to host the service yourself or to have someone host the service for you. A CampaignManager 6.0 server installation is called a Realm.

For the released version, we have installed a CampaignManager Realm on Customers can install a Realm of their own to manage their networks or to offer Digital Signage as a service to their own customers.

Within the CampaignManager Realm, different customers are separated from each other by creating Domains. Each Domain comes with its own separate Media Libraries, Projects, Users/Passwords and more.

Within each Domain, you can create as many projects, libraries, Users, Channels etc. as you are licensed to.

The Campaigns, Tickers, Commands you are familiar with are stored in a Project. If you are familiar with CampaignManager already, this Project is roughly similar to the old Projects. The difference is, Users, Roles, Channels, Players, Media Libraries, Categories and History is shared across all the Projects in the Domain.

If you are an end user, you can have a Ryarc Registered Partner host the back end for you, greatly simplifying the technical requirements and reducing the cost of maintaining this infrastructure for yourself.

If you are a reseller, you can expand the reveune opportunities available to you and increase the ease of attaining new customers by offering a SAAS solution from your own infrastructure.

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