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 +====== Publishing your first Campaign ======
 +We have covered just enough of the very basic elements of the system to allow us to proceed to some action.  The next step is to log into the software application and publish a Campaign.  This exercise is not designed to give you a comprehensive look at campaigns, but to get a feel of how basic operations work within CampaignManager and to help become acquainted with the system.
 +  * [[cmhelp:logggingin|Logging in and Brief UI Orientation]]
 +  * [[cmhelp:creatingcampaign|Creating a Campaign]]
 +  * [[cmhelp:addingmedia|Adding Media]]
 +  * [[cmhelp:settingschedule|Setting the Schedule]]
 +  * [[cmhelp:choosingtarget|Choosing the Target Site]]
 +  * [[cmhelp:publishing|Publishing]]
 +  * [[cmhelp:observingresults|Observing the Results]]
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