Observing the Results

As you have seen, publishing your Campaign is very easy. If you are in a position to observe the player and display you should see your Campaign begin as soon as your media has completed downloading. But what if you need to monitor the progress and you can’t see the display? Campaign Manager provides a number of features that allow you to do this.

In the Project Explorer, click on Campaigns. The Campaigns workspace is opened.

If you have a lot of windows open, right click the Campaigns tab and select ‘Close all but this’.

Find the campaign you just published. If you have many Campaigns you can type some or the entire name of the Campaign in the search window.

Right click in any white space of the Campaigns workspace and from the view menu choose ‘Large Icons’.   The blue icon in the upper left indicates the Campaign is not yet live. The Campaign’s status is now ‘Publishing’. This means that the software is synchronizing with the CM Service. If the Campaign you have published is large, it will stay in this state until the media associated with the Campaign has been uploaded. Once upload has completed, the publish process enters its second phase. If you continue to observe the Campaign, this new state is indicated by the status switching to ‘Distributing’. This means that the Campaign has been fully uploaded to the CM Service and is now being distributed to the remote CM Players.

Note that when the Campaign enters the Distribution stage, a progress bar becomes visible under the Campaign Icon. This is a collective summary of the Campaigns progress across all the Channels and Players to which it has been published. Don’t forget, that although this Campaign is target to a single channel and that that Channel has a single player associated with it, this may not always be the case.

It is possible to view the state of download to multiple players by us of the ‘Are we there yet?’ feature. This feature provides live information on the progress of a Campaign to one or more players/channels. To view this feature, press Ctrl+E or on the View Ribbon, click ‘Detail Window’.

The Details window opens on the right hand side of the application and changes, depending upon which item is selected in the main workspace.

By expanding the area titled ‘Are we there yet?’ the software gives us a machine-by-machine breakdown of the distribution status of our Campaign.

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