Creating a Campaign

To begin, on the ribbon click on the ‘Home’ tab. Now click ‘New Campaign’.

Alternatively open all campaign list view from Project Explorer, right click in all campaigns list view and select ‘New’ from the context menu or press ‘Ctrl+N’ from keyboard while in all campaign list view.

A new campaign editor workspace is opened in the Workspace area. Campaign editor is focused on the What section by default. Notice the links on the left hand side of the Campaign workspace. These links take you to different pages within the workspace. From the navigation panel on the left side select Settings section to add name for the newly created campaign. Other settings are also available in this section.

Click on the ‘What’ link. The following UI is displayed:

The area marked ‘a’ is your Playlist. This list will show the media files that make up the ‘What’ part of your campaign. The area marked ‘b’ is your screen layout tool. When a new campaign is created, it has one ‘Zone’ by default. You can add multiple zones to your screen, each with a different playlist. In order to see the playlist for a given Zone, you must first select the zone by clicking on it. The area marked ‘c’ is the media preview window which will play a preview of the selected item in the area ‘a’.

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