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 +====== CampaignManager 6 Quick Start-up Guide ======
 +=== Getting started with CampaignManager 6 ===
 {{:channelic.png? |}}  {{:channelic.png? |}} 
-This is thm,e nv,mnqv,mnzxx ,mncvnaxcl  +Quick Start Guide assists you in getting started quickly with the software and have your first Campaign displayed on the remote player. This document is divided into five parts. The first part explains the pre-requisites of running CampaignManager application. The second part explains how to install the software. The third part explains how to connect to the server while fourth and fifth explain how to configure the player and have your first Campaign published on this remote player respectively.   
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   * [[QSG:prerequisites|Prerequisites]]   * [[QSG:prerequisites|Prerequisites]]
-  * [[QSG:installing_campaignManager_3.0|Installing CampaignManager 3.0]]+  * [[QSG:installing_campaignManager_3.0|Installing CampaignManager 6]]
   * [[QSG:connecting_to_the_server|Connecting to the server]]   * [[QSG:connecting_to_the_server|Connecting to the server]]
   * [[QSG:configure_the_cm_player|Configure the CM Player]]   * [[QSG:configure_the_cm_player|Configure the CM Player]]
   * [[QSG:publishing_your_first_campaign|Publishing your first Campaign]]   * [[QSG:publishing_your_first_campaign|Publishing your first Campaign]]
 +==== CM Service help ====
 +  * [[cms__help|CM Service Help]] 
 +==== Neptune help ====
 +  * [[neptune__help|Neptune Help]] 
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