Configure the CM Player

CM Player needs to be configured with a channel configuration file to download metadata and media from the server. Once configured and started, Player reports back to CM Service and downloads content from the service over http protocol. The channel configuration file includes information about the CM Service and other associated data that is required for the CM Player to contact CM Service.

For the first time configuration, the file needs to be accessible from the remote player.

In order to generate the channel configuration file, on the Campaignmanager UI, create a channel either in the domain or in the project.

To create a channel, click on Channels from Project Explorer and create a new channel either from context menu or from ribbon.

To generate a channel configuration file, login to your domain and open all channels list view from Project Explorer. Now select any existing channel in the list. Please refer to Technical documentation about how to create a channel. Click Create Player Configuration File from Home tab in ribbon.

This creates two files in the default Campaign Manager folder (folder path opens up automatically): one file with .cmpc extension while the other one is with .xml extension. Copy these files to the player machine.

Also from all channels list view, select the channel and right click to open context menu, from context menu select Create Player Configuration File to create configuration file.

There are two ways to configure the Player with the channel configuration file.
Option 1: Double click on the .cmpc file. This will auto configure the player.
Option 2: Open CM Player Configuration from the Start menu. Select File>Configure and select either the .cmpc file or the .xml file.

Task dialog will inform that the Player has been successfully configured.

If you do not want to configure the player with an active channel but just want the player to connect to the CM Service so that at a later time you can configure the player, then you need to use default configuration file.
To create a default configuration file, open channel listview and click Create Default Configuration File from Home tab in ribbon.

This will create a set of configuration files (folder path opens up automatically)

Copy the CM Player specific configuration files to the player machine and configure the player.
In the navigation panel on the left of the UI, go to Diagnostics and click Run Diagnostics to verify whether the player is configured correctly or not.

Run diagnostics will return “Diagnostics PASSED” if the player is configured correctly. Close the UI.

Note that once configured and started, player will appear only in device list view under domain. The subscribed channel column will show “Not Configured” as this player has not been configured with any existing channel. This player won’t play anything until player is configured with a proper channel and Campaigns are published to it.

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